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When consumers view a product page, they are looking for proof of quality and value….What is product photography ?

Product photography is fundamental to correctly position your business and services to customers. Especially when it comes to introducing a new brand, business or project, having the right image to represent it can make a phenomenal difference. Just visualise or consider a product catalog or a lifestyle photoshoot to present your product in several different ways to create an idealistic image to your consumers. As marketing consists of a huge portion of visual content today, nothing is more effective and powerful than having a professional photograph of your product. At CLICKSMITHS our photographers will do everything possible to capture every unique detail and element of your product, making it eye-catching for your viewers.

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The Importance of Video marketing for the Tourism and Hospitality Business

As a travel industry brand, you have many different ways to showcase your brand’s story. Enaging your customers with relevant content is becoming crucial be it a travel agent, hotel or a tourism representation company. Furthermore, its not just creating a single video , but a consistent and regular approach that will spell success..

The challenging question at this stage could also be how to use the content you are creating and how to reach the right audience.

CLICKSMITHS specialises in creating quality video content for the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality business. From shooting Travel documentaries, Documenting travel related events and exhibitions or simply accompanying a media fam trip, we have done it all. Take a look at at wide variety of videos we have accomplished so far for Airlines, Hotels, Hospitality, Tourism boards and Travel agents.

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Looking for an interesting food photographer in Bangalore ?


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food-photographer-in-bangalore food-photographer-bangalore

Food photographer and styling in Bangalore, India.  If you are running a Bar or else a Restaurant, I’m sure you are aware of the importance of your menu. The Menu of your restaurant or bar is the first introduction of your food to your customer. Having great pictures of your Menu can bring in a world of difference.

Having beautiful images of the food dishes on your website and other marketing collateral makes the customers of other restaurants compare you to your competitors. Good food photography can really make you to be distinguished and set you apart from your competitors. The best way to reveal to your customers about the delicious food being served in your establishment is by using food photography and videos on your digital and printed literature.

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The Growth Of Video Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It

From a current perspective, Most of Content Marketing Will Be Video. Businesses must evolve with the times or die out. By 2020, online content will consist of 80 percent video marketing, and mobile consumption of video content continually rises by 100 percent annually.

Consider the following statistics from FORBES : 90 percent of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions. 92 percent of videos viewed via mobile are shared compared to other modes of access. 95 percent of consumers retain communicated information through video, while only 10 percent retain information from reading.

Companies utilizing video content experience a 41 percent increase in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include video in their content strategies. Video offers the best return on investment, as 51.9 percent of marketing experts agree.

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Why Professional Photography is so Important for your Business

You wouldn’t argue that there are hardly any souls who do not know to click decent pictures with their Phones…..these photos are great, but for your business ? probably not.

Whether you’re a Business owner, marketing manager, interior designer, holiday home owner, architect, estate agent, own a cafe or any type of business, you need your product or expertise to be noticed. In today’s context, more people buy with their eyes! Like any other creative field, photographers have different visual styles and bring different skill sets to the table Professional photography communicates faster and more persuasively than any other medium, especially to those who value quality (emotional connection) and leads them to appreciate that care in your marketing will lead to care in all other aspects of your business dealings.

Studies have proved that featuring the right images on your website can make a measurable and powerful difference to your business sales or conversions. As a professional photography company, at CLICKSMITHS we do Interior and architectural photography, Product photography, Corporate and portrait shootsand also Industrial photography…Do check out our portfolio in the link below

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Have you heard of a Tilt – Shift lens used in Architectural photography

Tilt shift lenses are usually used for Interior and Architectural shoots.
A tiltshift lens allows you to have both your subjects in focus. The shift function allows you to minimize distortion (common when using wide angle lenses) when you are shooting from a high or low angle. It also helps correct vertical line convergence (tilting buildings).
As a professional Architectural and real estate photographer I’m always looking to deliver the very best to my clients. Having done many commercial assignments for real estate, Interior designers and Hospitality, I can strongly advocate the benefits of owning Tilt-Shift lenses and the exceptional image quality that sets it apart.
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Why is good Product or E-commerce photography important ?



If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much more it’s worth when converted to indian rupees …E-commerce is clearly more dependent on photography display of products it plans to sell than any other kind of sales channel. Consumers cannot simply walk into a store, pick up, sit on, sit in or even taste the product they are interested in, before making the purchase. An e-commerce website needs to convey all the same information through a variety of narrower mediums, primarily photographs, words and video.

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Product & E-Commerce Photography


Why should you hire a Professional Interior or Architectural Photographer ?

Wether you are a Hotelier, Real estate agent or a Builder …you only have one chance to make a first impression. Studies clearly show that first impression is always the visuals a customer gets to see of your listing be it a brochure or your website online. Customers want to know more from that first interaction which eventually leads to sales . At CLICKSMITHS, we specialise in providing exceptional visuals be it photography or video of your architectural endeavours. From using unique lenses to lighting we take effort in ensuring your images are edited to international standards before delivery.
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Why Is Food Photography Important For Restaurants ?

At CLICKSMITHS, one of our specialties is professional food photography. We know that many restaurants don’t feel they can afford the investment to get great food photography. But at CLICKSMITHS, we have found that this is one investment that returns many times and food outlets and restaurants are making wise investments in taking mouth watering images and videos of food to use on brochures, websites and other branding. If you run a restaurant, bar or café you know how important your menu is. It is the first introduction to your food that a customer gets and having great pictures can make a world of difference. In this multicultural place that we live in, in a city full of tourists and international business travelers not all of whom speak great English, how do you attract them into your food establishment with ease? Everyone can understand a photograph; the phrase “people eat with their eyes” has never been so relevant. Most people like to see a photo of their food before they order so they know exactly what they are getting, and for those from a different culture who are not familiar with your style of dishes this is even more important. Food is your passion and your core offering, so even having just a small library of 5 – 10 professional photos can be transformative for your business. So don’t wait any longer! Set your restaurant or hospitality business up for success

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From Mumbai to Nasik – Photo Tours

Year 2010 . I had just graduated to a brand new camera In the past i have travelled a few times through this 200km stretch and observed the village life with curiosity. The meetings were mostly brief and left me with little time to photograph. This particular trip was to simply soak in some village life and photograph . The encounters made me smile , laugh , frown and retrospect all in a day. I am just sharing a few pictures and incidents from this particular journey 6am and I am already in a village. We had driven about 3 hours from Mumbai airport. A clear but cold morning. Nobody in sight for some time. Then I spot an old man in an open field among hay. Permission to photograph was asked and he immediately nodded with a wide grin. I took about 20 minutes talking to him and was lost in the interaction as a small crowd of villagers gather around us. Some ask questions and sought clarifications if we were from the press. I must admit, ZEE TV is quite popular in these villages as many walked up to me and asked “ saab…app zee tv se hai kya” ( Sir…are you from zee tv) . One of them was already chewing paan/ betel leaves ( a common habit among villagers) and the juice trickled down from the corners of his mouth. I spot a rooster at a distance and immediately want to do a portrait with the paan guy holding the rooster. His name was Samat Me : Samat can you catch that rooster ? Samat : No sir, it runs too fast Me : I know.That’s why I am asking you to catch it ?? Samat : No. It will climb the fence Me : Why don’t you seek some help from your friends Samat : No saab…..i don’t think we can Me : OK . I Will give you 100 rupees if you catch it . I did not complete the sentence and Samat disapperared after the rooster along with a few urchins following him. The Rooster was simply too athletic and samat nor anybody could keep pace. What amazes me about Rural India is its simplicity and the way of life. An hours drive and I bump into Gopal at a wood depo. I chat up with the locals and have a kadak chai( tea) and am again asked if I work fphoto tours 24or zee tv. I say no but they refuse to believe and one of the workers inform the big boss. The big boss arrives in a Mahindra jeep ready for some interrogation. They are not convinced and my Marathi speaking assistants speak in the local language. Finally I show them some ID’s and we become good friends after some very impolite conversations. The chowkidar (watchman) at the wood depo was an interesting personality . Dressed in khaki and wearing a local ray ban glass he spoke in a unique dialect. Little hindi ,Marathi and english mixed. img_0905 An hour passes as I bump into an Adivasi family who lives atop a hill. No electricity. The primary income was from their cattle and the woman gathered dry leaves as a way of income. The daily earning was not more than rupees 50(USD 1). The children never went to school and also had some deformation due to nutrition deficiency. I pay him some money and he is delighted. A few images from the journey are displayed in the slideshow below . As I look back, the journey taught me several things from engaging people to the nuances while shooting in a new/strange place. These are things you never learn attending a world class workshop or listening to a great photographer. There is simply no alternative to being there. I guess I was lucky to have some local language speaking people with me. Rural India is soon getting urbanised. Clicksmiths introduces new and exciting photography tours to improve your photography skills under the guidance of a professional and experienced photographer. On our tours you will learn outdoor the real essence of being a true photographer while exploring new destinations, cultures and landscapes which makes the experience interesting as well as educative. We provide high quality and organised tours with local expertise in the region to support while keeping it affordable. On all tours the accompanying photographer will be available for a one on one session to clarify and questions you may have. Our Photography tours are custom made to suit both novice as well as experienced photographers. These tours also enable you to be among a group of photography companions and share your insights. The effort brings together experienced photographers from various genres that are well travelled and also has a passion to teach and share their wealth of knowledge. Currently, our focus is on photography tours to Nepal, India, Srilanka and Vietnam. Look out for more destinations in coming days. To view more upcoming Photo tours

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