Its the last day of the year 2019 and i couldn’t think of anything better to write about. Been pondering about this for quite a while now

As an independent video producer, i come across various types of requirements. There is no secret formula to make a video and the end result involuntarily depends upon the end result client is expecting. Over the years, i have managed convincing clients ( a few) as to why investing in a video is far superior than any other marketing medium. I am not going to argue that making video is cheap. On the contrary, i will be making an attempt to educate that it has definitely become more affordable to the masses. One good reason is definitely the advent of the digital  mirror-less cameras and the advantages many filmmakers and video enthusiasts have discovered. I don’t really think that every company is looking at making a NIKE ad spending millions of dollars. Essentially, understanding the root objective and solving the same using a simple video has worked wonders. This could be a demo video , training video or a simple interview. Clients have seen the increase in  viewer engagement and are today willing to shell out those extra dollars to keep their customers informed

When potential clients approach CLICKSMITHS, I am often asked ” How much does a 2 minute video cost ? “……. Unfortunately, creating a video proposal is simply not a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Obviously, many factors like pre production, production and post production has to be factored in before arriving at a proposal.

The bottom line is, that every project we undertake is unique. Their execution vary from script to post production. We often realise there are many consistencies. But there are a lot of variables, too. Good luck !


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