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The award-winning video production team at CLICKSMITHS is dedicated to producing visually engaging videos that cut through the noise and grab target audience attention.

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Clicksmiths is the fine print of Sumesh Senan’s efforts of converting his negatives into positives. It is his endeavour to create videos that are compelling and create a positive preference for customers of micro businesses or large corporate houses. Sumesh Senan is an award winning photographer who believes in creating affordable visual experiences through his insightful videos.

With the opportunity to work with industry pioneers, Sumesh has spent the last decade in producing stunning views and moving motion pictures that echoes his exposure to diverse cultures. Sumesh has traveled widely and his journey of life has been a “time lapse” with a pretty high “resolution rate”. He is the architect who has built his dreams “Click by Click” and the result has been Clicksmiths!

Our Services

From candid portraits to professional headshots, we specialize in capturing your most important life events, be it weddings, family gatherings, or corporate functions. Our skilled photographers have an eye for detail, ensuring that your memories are beautifully documented.

We’re here to transform your stories into captivating videos. From wedding films that tug at your heartstrings to promotional videos that make your brand shine, our videographers are experts in creating compelling narratives.
Elevate your visuals with our drone services. We capture breathtaking aerial shots that add a unique perspective to your projects, be it real estate, event coverage, or tourism promotions.
Our post-production wizards give the final touches to your photos and videos, enhancing their quality and ensuring they reflect the essence of the moment. We take pride in delivering polished, emotive content.


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Words from our Valuable Customers

Sachin Devadiga

Recently had ClickSmiths come in into Botsync Technologies Pvt Ltd for our product photography and I must say, a job well done.
Sumesh’s attention to minute details, product understanding and client feedback based progressive approach is highly appreciable.
And the end result, exceptionally well curated set of photographs that showcase the true essence of the products.
I would definitely recommend ClickSmiths for product photography and videography services.

Saket Krishnan

The professionalism and quality of work is top notch. Sumesh and his team are a pleasure to work with and really quite flexible. Had a wonderful experience with his team.

Sandeep Chakraborty

A true professional. It was so pleasent working with Mr Sumesh. The guidence and support we got during making our company video was immense and the final product was awesome. I would whole heartedly recommend him for any professional video projects.

Jay Jethwa

Great service by Sumesh. He is a professional at his job and I recommend him highly for work that is important as well as professional. Thanks Sumesh. I will definitely use your services again.

Chattels Design

Totally stood up to the expectations…!!
Extremely professional and confident…
We really liked the work and even our clients really appreciated. All the best and thank you for your work.

Sreenath Reddy

Very friendly and courteous. Shot the photos togeather !!!

Mahesh Nagaraj

Sumesh Senan is a thorough professional who wears his heart on one sleeve and his camera on the other. Working with Clicksmiths, whether on one of our intimate family functions or on a demanding product launch, they seem to carry it off with skills and craftsmanship that any business would envy. Highly recommended.

Bali G

Interior photography for Hotel service availed was really excellent and superb from clicksmith video and photography.
Thanks a lot sumesh

Aishwarya Shankar

I worked with CLICKSMITHS as a model. I had a really good time shooting. It was amazing working with Mr Sumesh and his team. dint really feel like I was shooting because all of them were very professional. Shoot was nicely scheduled. Loved working with them…look forward to work again soon.

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