The WordCamp Bengaluru 2023 Organizing Team is pleased to announce Sumesh Senan as a speaker who will be speaking on The visual world to enhance websites – Video and photography.

Sumesh Senan has been dabbling with the camera for close to 2 decades. Clicksmiths is the brand he created to realize his vision of creating thoughtful and creative photo and video production for a wide variety of industries. So far he has been instrumental in producing close to 500+ assignments for many verticals and industries and continues to do so. He believes the visual language is unique and if done right, has the ability to improve and bolster a business. He is the architect who has built his dreams “Click by Click” and the result has been Clicksmiths !!

About this talk in his own words,

The visual language is unique and subjective. Some take it seriously and some don’t. In a career spanning more than 15 years, I have been instrumental in creating high quality video and photo content for a very wide variety of audience. I would like to talk on the influence visuals can have on the digital media.

WordCamp Bengaluru 2023

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