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Custom Photography workshops by Sumesh Senan / Director, CLICKSMITHS

As a travel junkie, the founder of CLICKSMITHS, Sumesh Senan has been fortunate to tread through various countries, often traveling solo with a camera. The images below are a selection of travel photographs from the 43 countries he has visited so far. If you are an image-hungry globetrotter or simply keen to learn the various nuances of photography, join with Sumesh on one of the upcoming photography sessions where he talks about photography and also conducts talk sessions and inspired photography tours. Get in touch with us for more details.
No matter what your skill level, we can customize a photography workshop that will suit your particular requirement. Photography is a combination of art and science. While we make an attempt to understand both aspects, we try and keep it more practical and less of theory. After all, learning photography is not like learning physics or chemistry. More you delve with the camera, the more insights you will get and most of our worskhops will be spread over a few weekends which gives you ample time to experiment and further your knowledge about photography. Students will also be encouraged to join us on real shoots to give students a more hands on approach on the real life challenges faced in the ever changing world of photography.


We also offer brief photography courses and training to companies who wish to reward their team members and offer employee benefits and enhancements which reflect the futuristic corporate culture of many companies today.

Our photography training sessions fit in with your company’s busy schedule. We offer photography tuition with a minimum of 2 hour duration. Practical photography courses can be delivered at your offices or at a specific location

  • Short courses during evenings or after work at office premises
  • Team building photography training to motivate and get your team working together cooperatively…We can also arrange gear to facilitate the session
  • Photography sessions to reward employees for enjoyment, reward and as an effort to improve their visual skills

A few topics of discussion are below

  • Understanding your camera
  • Understanding your strengths and interests in photography
  • The different modes like Aperture , Shutter and Manual modes
  • DSLR and Mirrorless camera….what is the difference
  • Understanding ISO , APERTURE and SHUTTERSPEED
  • Understanding exposure…a combination of various aspects
  • The art of composition
  • The genres of photography like Landscapes, people, Travel, street and so on
  • Shooting Indoor and outdoor
  • Understanding light and how to  modify light to your advantage
  • Lighting . Natural light and Artificial light

  • Using Light modifiers and taking a look at different light modifiers
  • Being creative . Let loose and break all rules
  • A peek at masters of photography and setting correct benchmarks
  • Photography gear …Camera, lenses, triggers, lighting, flash, strobes, continuous light and a million other things
  • The Business of Photography. Adapting yourself and creating the ability to market yourself
  • Finding your niche and working towards it

  • Investing in the right gear
  • The importance of a portfolio

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